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Friday, August 22, 2008

Marketing Today - 073

Marketing Today, Episode 73, from Monash University, Melbourne Australia. Features:
  • After last week's criticism of the Australian media's treatment of Qantas we had some feedback from Warwick, a Monash journalism student. So we invited him in to sit on the couch and chat with Col and Wags about his views on the issue!
  • On this episode we also discuss Woolworths' new logo.
  • Wags continues the conversation with Joseph Jaffe about his excessive demands on Delta Airlines. We refer to Julian's initiative in the Aussie Blogger Forum.
  • Song of the week: Positiva Records, "Essential Club Anthems Remix", from

Want to join our conversation (as Warwick did)? Call us on +61 3 9903 1199.


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